Thursday, February 28, 2008

late night junk

when cats attack

Today's Stats

Here are the stats from 3 of today's matches:

Name Kills Deaths +/-

HEYKILLER 15 38 -18
snailbiscuits 35 49 -14
P1V0 51 38 13
CPTMORGAN 18 28 -10
bad larry 29 38 -11

way to go GRID tearing it up, maybe you need to give HEYKILLER some tips at the DFAC.

rooftop campers

HEYKILLER, the ultimate camper finally found the sweet spot on Overgrown. Now he can snipe with no fear of being caught. Welcome to the fight now you don't have to hide in the corner.

Who is Bad Larry?

Naturally, after a few months of playing, we all have our usual names. Every once in a while, someone might change their name to switch it up but usually it's pretty easy to tell who the "new" player is (especially since it tends to be the same person that switches it up).

This is not the case tonight: someone going by the name of bad larry is kicking some serious ass. Our first suspicions proven wrong, we conducted a quick role call, but all the usual suspects were accounted for and already playing. Our next approach was to figure out who may have access to the extra X-Boxes in the company but even this line of inquiry failed. bad larry was just too good to be any of those people.

Hopefully this question will soon be answered, otherwise we may be haunted by this larry character for quite a while. Until identified, we'll try not to talk about him too much since we obviously don't want to boost any one's ego unnecessarily.